Focus Hotels S.A. provides comprehensive consultancy services at every stage of project implementation. Thanks to the competences held by CDI Konsultanci Budowlani, a company belonging to the same capital group, we offer the investor services related to, among others, supervision of construction works during project implementation, coordination of specialist inspections and works of contractors and conducting multi-discipline investor’s supervision.


An alternative to the lease of a hotel facility is a management contract. We effectively run hotel operation and sales under its brand, acting in accordance with the developed know-how.
In this model, the fee has two components:
- guaranteed base fee, which is the percentage of hotel turnover;
- bonus charged if gross operating profit exceeds the set level.


Focus Hotel offers investors and owners of hotel facilities a long-term lease contract for a hotel facility that guarantees return on investment as part of the rent paid. Thanks to it, we free the property owner from all the risks associated with running a hotel business. Guaranteed rent is secured by an insurance guarantee. The owner knows the return on investment from the beginning, and the signed contract allows him to obtain bank financing for the project.